Liz. I like boybands and cats.


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Liam in LA (4.22.14)

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Demi Lovato at her press conference in São Paulo, Brazil

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AU: Harry Styles is a film maker who’s traveling the world and decides to send a video message to his sister Gemma, telling her about all the interesting people he’d met. 

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Demi Lovato at her press conference in São Paulo, Brazil

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Larry Olympics!AU: Part 1/x

Louis Tomlinson, 22 years old snowboarder, is Britain’s hope for a gold medal in the halfpipe competition at Sochi Winter Olympics 2014. After winning World Cup Halfipipe in Saas Fee 2011 and The Arctic Challenge 2013, Louis is a force to reckoned with. Like many snowboarders he also loves skateboarding and when possible takes part in skateboard competitions.

Unfortunately for Louis, who is famous for self-invented, complicated 1440 degree flip named YOLO that even Louis himself has managed to land only once in X-Games competition, two-time Olympic gold medalist and X-Games gold medal record owner Shaun White wants another gold medal and is ready to fight for it.

Louis joins Great Britain’s Olympic team to take a part in his first ever Olympic games, on the plain he is seated next to another potential gold medal winner, figure skater Harry Styles, who is dangerously pretty and distracting. They hit it off from the start.

(Inspired by this and this.)

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AU: Singer Harry Styles dates his childhood best friend Niall Horan for three years before his fame causes them to break up. He doesn’t handle the break up as well as he pretends. 

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when something was thrown at niall x

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